2023: Looking Ahead

Rioter! Where the hell have you been, loca?!

Yeah I know, I know, I disappeared off the face – largely due to a combination of poor mental health (things took a DIVE in early 2022, hoo boy) and the whole cost of living crisis thing making attending theatre shows A Struggle.

And for that I can only say – my bad.

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Your new favourite band: Fearless Vampire Killers

This has been one of the trickiest blogs I’ve ever decided to write. Not for any negative reason – if anything, quite the opposite. It’s been difficult because it’s overdue – massively, overwhelmingly overdue. It’s a post that I should have written way before now, and every time I try I even start with the very words ‘this is way overdue.’ It was overdue in 2019. It was overdue in 2016. In truth, it was overdue the minute I returned home from the Wedgewood Rooms, on 5 December 2010.

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Act 2 Beginners

Before the lockdown started I was going to London, on average, twice a week.

Christ, I think now, how on earth could I afford it?

The truth is I couldn’t. Not really. I was living ever so slightly beyond my means and it wasn’t sustainable.

Turns out there were quite a few things that weren’t sustainable, my theatre habit the least of them.

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A COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL AND MOST LIKELY TOTALLY UNNECESSARY REVIEW OF: Oscar Conlon-Morrey Singing Losing My Mind From Follies On The Piccadilly Line, Probably

It is official: Everything Currently Sucks. Theatres across the land have gone dark, thousands are out of work, productions are cancelled and I am trying to remember what I did before my all-consuming obsession with live performance. This is quite a way for a girl to discover that she doesn’t actually have any hobbies or discernible personality. Rude, Covid-19 – just rude.

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2019: The Obligatory End of Year List

A last minute end of year list? From this blogger? With a shoehorned in meme reference?!

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What Do You Want To Get Married For?: Company West End Cast Recording


It’s 2019! And even just one month into the year theatrical news has been wild – from &Juliet and a Mischief Theatre residency (I would like to thank God and also Jesus) to… that Mamet play. Yeah. Anyway. But on the plus side, the Company cast recording is out!! You know, the gender flipped, weirdly logical, Bunny-Christie-designed, Marianne-Elliot-directed version with a spookily relatable perpetually single protagonist, watching all her mates get married (I know art sometimes imitates life but yikes)? That one. Coinciding handily with a snow day, I’ve been able to have a proper listen to the soundtrack and decided it was high time I break my blogging mini-hiatus (I’ve been busy, shh) with this: Continue reading